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The Founder

Hello! I am Keywanda Jackson, Founder/ CEO of “CHROME” Salon & Beauty Bar and “Káva Skin Care.” I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and I love it!!! The key to life is to love what you do. I take pride in being able to touch people’s life in a positive way and change how a person perceives themselves.

As a military child, I was lucky to have been exposed to many cultural ways to achieve beauty. My love for mixing, creating, and formulating allows me to fuse all of the cultural beauty secrets I have learned. Like most women, my bathroom has an overabundance of beauty products. My goal was to create a natural raw product that serves several purposes on any skin type. After researching Káva ingredients and their relationship with each other, I created products made with love and that bring hope for beautiful skin across the nation. This is only the beginning for Káva Skin Care! Thanks for joining me for the ride. This is a beautiful world, and I want you to feel #crazybeautiful in it! Welcome!